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Behaviour Letter – May 2022

I am excited to have joined Erdington Academy.  This is a school that I have always admired and wished to serve.  I will be leading on behaviour in the school, to help ensure our pupils have a great environment to learn in.  Good behaviour is a core part of a successful school. At Erdington Academy we want to foster good behaviour, self-discipline and resilience to prepare every child for the world beyond the school.

The values and principles Erdington Academy aim to provide are highest quality education, maintaining a disciplined, caring environment in which teachers can teach and pupils can learn.

Our Behaviour Policy rests on a set of core values:

  • Excellence – We strive for the highest quality to ensure excellent outcomes
  • Dedication – We believe there is dignity in hard work and effort
  • Ambition – We want the very best for our students
  • Integrity – We believe in openness and transparency
  • Tradition – We believe in old fashioned manners, courtesy and respect



I thank you for all the hard work and support you give in ensuring your child attends school regularly.  We know that every day is crucial for your child’s long-term success, so please continue pushing your child towards 100% attendance. As a school we have an exceptional record when it comes to attendance:

  • “Top 1% nationally compared to similar schools”
  • “Best in Birmingham compared to similar schools”


Ethos Cards

This term we issued students with new Ethos Cards. These cards are carried around by students to increase their personal responsibility for their conduct. The cards are used to record positive and negative behaviour points. Students who fill their card with positive points will be entered into a prize draw for a £20 Amazon voucher. There will be ten vouchers for students to win. To sign student cards for positive points, teachers will be looking for students with correct uniform and for being kind or polite. Our staff will also sign the cards for negative points. This could be for being late to lesson, not having correct uniform, or poor behaviour outside of lessons. Three signatures for negative points will result in a 20-minute detention.


It is the responsibility of parents and carers to ensure that your child comes to school in full school uniform. Next week we will be particularly focusing on ensuring students are wearing the correct footwear as part of the agreed uniform standards.

 Safeguarding/Mobile Phones

Students carrying a mobile phone must keep it switched off and securely stored in their bag or inside blazer pocket. Parents wishing to contact their child during the school day should do so via the school office. During lesson times or changeover phones must not be seen by staff. To facilitate student learning teachers may also confiscate phones for the lesson or school day.

If you would like any further information please contact me.

Kav Pawar- Vice Principal

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