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Covid-19/Omicron Variant

We are contacting you following the recent announcements made by the government regarding the new variant of Covid-19, which is circulating in the country.

As a Trust, we not only have a duty of care to ensure the Health and Safety of all children and staff who are on our sites on a daily basis, but also all parents and carers and any other visitors who may attend our sites less frequently. This means that throughout the Covid pandemic, we have always promptly reviewed the latest guidance that has been given to us by central government and the Department for Education.
In light of the most recent announcements and in addition to enhanced hygiene measures, you will already be aware that we have:

  • Re-introduced the wearing of face coverings in communal areas for all stakeholders of year 7 and above.

  • Stepped up reminders regarding the need for the regular use of hand sanitiser.

  • Increased ventilation by keeping doors and windows open despite the colder weather outside.


All these measures have been taken in accordance with the guidance and with the focus on health and safety and maintaining face to face education for your children.

In addition to these measures, the Leadership of the Trust has decided that for the remainder of this term we need to further reduce the possibility of transmission and infection of the Omicron variant within our communities. As such, we have therefore directed the Heads of each Academy to contact all parents to ensure that any events which would see large numbers of visitors coming onto site, such as performances and parents’ evenings, are either moved to online events or postponed until the spring term.

We have also taken the decision to not authorise any external trips or visits, including sports fixtures, during this time. This is to minimise the likelihood of large groups of children from FMAT academies coming into contact with individuals they would not usually have contact with.

We appreciate that these decisions may be upsetting and frustrating and they were not easy ones for us to make. However, we have made them in an effort to reduce the likelihood of stakeholders coming into contact with Covid-19 via an FMAT academy event, so that we can maximise the chances of retaining face to face education for all children. We will of course review this position in the new year.

I would like to thank you in advance for your understanding and wish you all a safe, healthy, and happy Christmas period.

Kind regards

Simon Jones

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