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Covid 19 testing and isolation in schools from April 1st 2022

As you will be aware from the national news coverage the guidance and rules around testing and therefore isolation for Covid-19 changed from today – April 1st 2022.

Throughout the whole pandemic the academy and the Multi Academy Trust have always followed the guidance issued to schools with reference to how to deal with Covid-19. We will therefore be following the latest guidance that has now come into force.

As the DfE guidance to schools was only released during the working day yesterday we were unable to pass the detail of this information on to you any earlier.

From today:-

  • The need for regular testing is removed and you should only test if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection/high temperature. The academy is no longer able to provide lateral flow tests and any tests must be obtained through the new channels announced by the government.
  • Children and adults who have symptoms of a respiratory infection AND have a high temperature should stay at home until they no longer have a temperature.
  • Adults who test positive for Covid-19 should stay at home for five days and can then return to school.
  • Children who test positive for Covid-19 should stay at home for three days and can then return to school.


Please be assured that we continue to encourage ventilation in enclosed spaces, have sanitiser available for regular use for students and staff, allow the wearing of face coverings for those who choose to and encourage regular hand washing.

I would like to thank you for your continued support and co-operation as we continue to come through the pandemic.

Many thanks

S Mallett

Head of Academy

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