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Easter – April 2022

8th April 2022

Dear Parent/Carer

As we come to the end of an excellent terms work, I want to thank you all for ensuring students attend, look smart and are engaged in learning. The current national data shows that for the past 3 years Edington Academy has had some of the best attendance of all schools nationally and this is thanks to the effective collaboration between the academy and homes, can I thank you all for this outstanding achievement and particularly our attendance team.

Staff and students at Erdington Academy have been thinking very carefully about how we can make our Academy a more environmentally friendly and sustainable institution. Plastic pollution not only impacts the environment as we know it, but also presents a public health issue that can greatly affect our community. Schools provide safe, accessible places for students to attend and learn about the world around them, and thus have an obligation to protect their students from these threats and have the power to make a difference in the environment. 

In order to protect students’ health and address plastic pollution, after the Easter break, Erdington Academy will be implementing a single-use plastic bottle ban. These bans are currently being implemented in communities around the world, and are a feasible and economical approach to making our school more environmentally friendly. It is our shared goal to ensure there will be no single plastic items on site by September 2022.

Plastic is made from raw materials that once placed in a landfill it is slowly broken down into microplastics that pollute our water, land and air. Plastic pollution also disproportionately harms marginalized groups and is causing extreme damage to ecosystems all over the world. By transitioning away from single-use plastic our school will be making a positive difference to protect the environment and our health.  Transitioning away from single-use plastics also has many benefits for Erdington Academy. It can create greater learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom by promoting a greater understanding of ecosystems and our environment. It also instils responsibility, teamwork and stewardship, and establishes our academy as an institution that is advocating for its students’ futures and sets our school as an example for others to follow. 

We thank you advance for your support with this matter. Examples of acceptable bottles are shown below, they must be rigid and reusable.  There are many available from local supermarkets such as Asda: Bottles, Flasks & Travel Mugs – ASDA Groceries

Aldi: reusable bottles – ALDI UK

I will be writing to you in the near future with other initiatives to make Erdington Academy eco-friendlier.

Over the Easter break the local area partnerships have a range of activities that students can participate in please see the attached letter and the links below for more information.

Next term we will continue our improvement journey, the term will start with welcoming our new Vice Principal Mr Pawar.  Mr Pawar will have a focus on student ethos and engagement in learning.  We will also be looking at broadening out our after-school offer and would encourage all students to participate and join at least one lunchtime or after school activity.

Wishing you all a safe and restful Easter.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Mallett





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