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End of Term Letter

Re: Uniform and Conduct:

As you would expect from an ambitious school, we always set the bar high for our students and expect them to adhere to our standards of uniform and conduct. This enables us to ensure we spend maximum time and effort on their learning, personal development and progress, which is of course our core business. Therefore, I am sure that you will support the school in using the midway point of the term to reinforce these expectations with our school community.  We will be reminding our students of our expectations during tutor times and assemblies, as well as ensuring we are continuing to reinforce these messages in lessons.  


These areas of focus and improvement are:

Jewellery: Students are allowed 1 pair of studs only, nose rings or studs are not permitted, necklaces need to be inside of clothing.  The reason for all of this is personal safety, corridors are busy places and it is possible that these could get caught by somebody causing injury. The only appropriate time to have a nose piercing done is at the start of the summer holiday so that by the start of September it can be replaced for school with a clear retainer.

Nails: Nails need to be natural, false nails are not permitted as they are dangerous in a PE, Design and Science setting with hot materials or chemicals.

Headwear: No hats or bandannas are permitted in school.  This is so all students feel safe regarding seeing faces clearly along with ensuring there is no misinterpretation of possible gang links. 

Headphones: Phones and headphones, including wireless earphones should not be seen in the Academy.  Social media is a modern-day problem and it is important that all students have the opportunity to focus on education without this modern-day distraction.  Headphones are not permitted as it is important that in lessons, movement and breaktimes students can hear instructions if required.

To be clear, the school will not tolerate a failure to comply with our rules or uniform and reserve the right to use consequences as appropriate in line with our behaviour policy. 

From the first week back therefore, you may find an increase in contact from school about these important issues and I wanted to take a little time here to set out some important information and reminders.  We would appreciate you talking with your child about these over the half-term and continuing to support us when your children are in school. 

If these items are visible in the day, staff will remove and return at the end of the day.  If students do not respond positively then these items will then only be returned to parents by a senior member of staff or Head of Year.

First Time; Every Time:

First Time; Every Time is a term we have used at Erdington for many years now.  It is what we expect of students regarding following staff requests.  Staff are the adults in charge and will make informed decisions for the best of the students, both regarding education and pastoral care.  Students need to respond quickly and efficiently to staff to ensure no time in the school day is lost.

Behaviour and Conduct: 

Our expectations of student conduct exist to ensure that every child can benefit from a high-quality education, feel safe and are able to thrive. Disruption and defiance, even at low-levels, interrupt learning and can have a negative impact on other students. Whilst we value being able to praise and reward students, we do also have a system to warn and sanction students where necessary. This includes a range of measures such as warnings, detentions, isolation and when necessary exclusion.

All policies can be found on the academy website. 

If you would like to leave feedback on Parent View please follow the attached link:


A reminder that the academy re-opens for all students on Monday 1st November 2021.


Can I thank you for your support this half-term and hope you have a good break.



Head of Academy

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