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Enrichment Opportunities June 2022

June 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

Enrichment Opportunities

We believe that a rounded education does not just offer academic learning opportunities. One of the strengths, and beliefs we hold here at Erdington Academy are that students’ lives should be enriched by opportunities provided by the academy that parents/ carers may not be able to offer. We have links with higher education establishments, businesses and organisations in the UK and abroad. We offer many extra-curricular sporting and enrichment activities in school, such as STEM (Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) and Duke of Edinburgh, as well as some amazing educational visits for our students. Students develop personal qualities such as confidence and character from learning that takes place outside the classroom.

Some of the trips that have already taken part this year include the following:

Oxford University.

Students from year 10 visited Oxford University for a day, hoping to inspire them to think about their future. It was an incredible day, visiting some of the oldest university colleges in the world. The day was made even more special and inspiring because the oxford student that was their tour guide was actually a former Erdington Academy student, who had been on this exact school trip when she was in year 10.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

26 students and staff visited Birmingham repertory theatre to watch a professional performance of Animal farm. This gave the students an insight into the play that they would not experience in lessons or by watching a video of the play


A group of students and staff visited a school in Turkey as part of the Erasmus project. Erasmus aims to bring communities across Europe together in a cultural exchange. Our students and staff met with students from Turkey, Portugal, France, Romania. In October we are selecting students to visit a school in Northern Portugal.

The Gambia:

Year 8 students are currently applying to be involved in Venture Force. Venture Force will be an expedition to the Gambia. During that expedition students will help to refurbish a medical centre in the local community of Gunja on the West Coast. Students will be raising all of the money for this expedition themselves, so watch out for fundraising events in the future.

In September our comprehensive programme of extracurricular activities will be published, and we hope that your child will take advantage of the many opportunities that are available.

Yours sincerely

Mr G Bartlett

Assistant Principal


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