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Headteacher’s Blog – 15th December 2017

What a week of weather it has been. Yesterday in one day we had snow, sleet, ice, fog, light rain, heavy rain and sunshine!

Hailing from Western Australia, which has a strong Mediterranean climate, there is certainly less variety and less cold weather. In fact, as a student in Western Australia and then a teacher and Head of Department before I came to England a school was never closed. Even in the very hottest weather there are ways of keeping cool or we would start earlier and finish earlier.

However, as a Headteacher in England I am only too well aware of the dangers the snow and ice can bring. During my three years here as Headteacher I have never closed the school and it is something Heads are reluctant to do. It is a hard decision but I appreciate the support I have received from parents and staff this week.

Considering we have still had lying snow around the playground and on the school site behaviour of the students has been excellent. I will be spending Christmas with my family this year in Australia so the snow and ice will just be a distant memory for just a couple of weeks!

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