Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Headteacher’s Blog – 16th March 2018

Two fantastic meetings today; during the first meeting my office was a bit crammed with 15 netball students to whom I presented medals.  The students from all year groups had competed in the FMAT Games and represented Erdington academy with distinction.  It was lovely to see the girls wearing their medals during the rest of the day.

The second meeting was with the Head of Languages who returned last night with 2 other tired staff and 20 tired students from a trip to France.  We have been updated with pictures and messages on Twitter so we knew that they were having a good time. They had a range of amazing experiences, including making their own croissants from scratch, eating snails (optional), visiting a World War II historical site and speaking French wherever they went.  I look forward to meeting all the students and staff together next week to find out more about their adventure.

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