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Headteacher’s Blog – 25th May 2018

This morning I attended the half termly Erdington Headteacher’s Consortium; it says something very positive about Erdington as an area that the Headteacher’s work so closely together.  There are Headteachers from Nursery, Primary and Secondary and we have similar issues to deal with and often similar successes to deal with.  This morning we were joined by Jack Dromey, our member of Parliament.  Jack is a hands on member of Parliament who works hard for all his constituents and all of the schools.  We raised with him again the concerns we all have about school funding, particularly as it accompanies a reduction and removal of many core services that Schools now need to pay for.  As Heads we all agreed we will support any campaign leading up to the budget that raises the issues of school funding.  This is not just a matter for Headteachers but for staff, parents and the wider community.

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