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Headteacher’s Blog 25th September 2018

What a pleasure it is to see our young people working so hard in lessons and taking such pride in their work.  As is often said, “Manners maketh the man/woman” and we are ensuring that our pupils take as much pride and effort in their manners and uniform as they do in their work in lessons.  As such, our young people are reminded by all members of staff about standards of uniform and manners.  For the minority of pupils who do not fulfil our standards of uniform and manners, behavioural consequences to support them to get back on track have been implemented.  We know how much you support us to ensure our children are courteous and take pride over their uniform; thank you for reinforcing this with your children at home.  Miss Hunt, our new assistant head teacher for Pupil Character and Culture, will update pupils and parents about our new rewards programme later this term; it will reward characteristics like manners and courtesy.  We know our pupils will work hard to develop these wonderful characteristics even further.

Erdington Academy has excellent links with many local primary schools, and recently we are developing very fruitful relationship with St Barnabas.  Two of our members of staff taught lessons to children at St Barnabas last week to give them a taste of the wonderful standard of teaching they can expect when they come to our school.  We expect to see a large number of St Barnabas Year 6 pupils and parents and carers at our Open Evening on Tuesday this week, and we’re really looking forward to welcoming them to Erdington Academy.

Have a fantastic week, and thank you all for your continued support.


Mr Mallett

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