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Holocaust Memorial Textiles workshop

We have an exciting creative opportunity for a parent/child textiles workshop at Erdington Academy. We celebrate the beliefs and cultures of a wide range of groups at our school and would like to symbolise Holocaust Memorial Day through a community textiles activity.

During the week of Holocaust Memorial Day, we are asking our partners to take part in ‘The Great Sew’. Before the event on the 24th January 2022 we invite as many of your students/classes/colleagues as possible to create an individual patchwork square in response to the testimony that you have been given from holocaust survivors.

Would you like to spend a morning or afternoon at Erdington Academy working alongside your child to create a patchwork square?

If so, please send an expression of interest to include the name of your child and their year group. Alternatively, you can leave a message with the reception staff.

Yours sincerely,


Miss. J.Thom

Associate Assistant Head, Design and Performance

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