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Homework at Erdington Academy Letter

27 September 2022

Homework at Erdington Academy

Why is homework important?

Research from the EEF (Education Endowment Foundation) has shown that students
completing regular homework in secondary schools can improve student’s learning by 5
months, and is even more effective if students are behind in their learning. Please look at the website to read further: Homework | EEF (
We use satchel:one (formally named show my homework) so that students can easily manage
their homework tasks. Students will receive a wide variety of different homework which may
include but not exhaustive to writing essays, completing quizzes on satchel one, using subject
specific platforms like mathswatch, designing or creating things. One thing they will all have in
common is a retrieval aspect.
So, what do we mean by retrieval?

Retrieval supports children to move learning from their short-term to long-term memory.
• Being able to ‘find’ the information we need, when we need it, is the basis of retrieval
practice (it has been taught but has it been learned?)
• Retrieval practice needs to be regular but not overly-repetitive in method.
• Retrieval practice is a learning tool, not a testing tool.
• Retrieval should be effortful and children should struggle a little to remember – this helps
strengthen memory.
• Retrieval is most effective if it is spaced (self-quiz learning from yesterday’s lesson, last
week’s lesson, last month’s lesson).
• Retrieval should be low-stakes (children self-quiz, correct, mark their own quizzes)

Students usually receive 1 piece of homework per subject per week at KS3. Some subjects
where they only see their students once a week, this may be slightly less often. At KS4 this may
increase to 2, particularly for core subjects. There may also be additional homework at times
like closer towards assessments but we are weary not to give too much.
If students wish to get support for their homework, they can attend homework club where
computers are also available. This takes place straight after school Monday to Friday in Room 32 for KS3 and Room 34 for KS4.
This link contains lots of videos to support students, parents and carers.
Students log in using a personal email or school email. School emails are in a generic formula of For a year 7 student whose name is JamesSmith, the log in would be
If students forget their password they need to see their form tutor who can reset it.
On a separate note, please find here a link to the Trust Stakeholder Parent Survey, for you to complete:

Parent Survey – Autumn 2022

Mrs S Mabbett
Assistant Principal

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