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Letter to Parents & Carers – 16th January 2023

16 January 2023

Dear Parents /carers.

I wanted to write to you to give you an update and signpost you to some resources that might help support your child and wider family. 

BeeZee bodies is a service for students and families provided free by Birmingham City Council. The service is to provide weight management and healthy living support. The 12-week course includes online resources to help families learn about diet, nutrition, exercise and more. There are fun, interactive webinars led by expert nutritionists and a one-hour opportunity for 1:1 work to address specific challenges around maintaining healthy habits at home. The course is online and is done in the evening so that the whole family can access. If you would like more information on how to access this service, please follow this link For Families ( If you would prefer for the school to make the referral on your behalf, then please let me know directly. 

In addition to Beezee bodies, Birmingham City Council have many free parenting classes. These are listed below:

Birmingham Children’s Partnership has pre-paid for online courses for parents in Birmingham to support their understanding of their child’s development. To complete one of the courses below please use the following link

Please enter the access code “COMMUNITY” at the top of the page to claim. Learn about how your child develops and get tips to manage their behaviour.

1a. Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby

1b. Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby: for women couples

2. Understanding your baby

3a. Understanding your child

3b. Understanding your child with additional needs

4. Understanding your teenager’s brain

5. Understanding your brain (for teenagers only!)

6. Understanding your child’s feelings (a taster course)

7. Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing (accompanies 3a and/or 3b)

8. Understanding your feelings (for teenagers only!)

9. Understanding your relationships

Bulgarian: 3. Как да разбирате детето си (Understanding your child)

Modern Standard Arabic: 4. افهم دماغ المراهق (Understanding your teenager’s brain)

Urdu: 4. اپنے نو عمر بچے کے دماغ کو سمجھنا (Understanding your teenager’s brain)

If you wish discuss any aspect of safeguarding and child wellbeing at Erdington Academy, please contact me or a member of the safeguarding team.

Kind Regards

J Halstead

Assistant Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead



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