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Letter to parents – May 2023

Dear Parent’s / Carers

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the reports you receive from the Academy. Reporting to parents is an integral part of the ongoing communication that we have with home, so we want to ensure that you fully understand the information they contain. Below is an explanation of the terms on the reports you receive.

Attitude to Learning

The attitude to learning score represents the level of effort exhibited by the student and their approach to their learning in each subject; this will be given as a score from 1– 4, with 1 representing a child with an excellent attitude to learning and 4 being poor. A student who receives an attitude to learning grade of 1 is meeting all the criteria below and this is what we want all students to aim for.

  • Work meets the presentation standards.
  • Ready for learning with full equipment for learning (planner, pen, pencil, green pen).
  • Always punctual to lessons.
  • Participates fully and takes an active part in learning.
  • Always completes work on time and to the expected standard.
  • Always completes homework and to the expected standard.
  • Always follows the Code of Conduct and takes responsibility for their actions.

Attitude to Learning is a key building block to success.  Every year the students who are well organised and have the correct attitude are the students who exceed in their outcomes.

KS3 Percentage

This is the average of all the summative assessments completed by the student in that subject. This represents their score out of a maximum of 100.

Target grade

This grade is set based on the progress made by the top 20% of the schools in the country, taken from the Fischer Family Trust (FFT), who creates grades using students’ Key Stage 2 results by taking into account student data and trends over the previous years.

The target grade is the minimum grade the student should be working towards achieving but they are not limited to this.

Working at grade

This grade reflects the proportion of the course studied so far by the student and not the whole course.

This grade is based on an average of the all the assessments and classwork the student has completed so far in the specific subject.

Expected Outcome

The expected outcome is a forecast grade that considers examination data, coursework, or NEAs for that student. The weighting of each component must also be considered when calculating this grade.

We endeavour to support our students to achieve their full potential and value the support you give. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Muschette

Assistant Principal

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