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Opportunities Outside the Classroom – Year 9

31 October 2022

Dear parent/carer,

I would like to welcome your child back after half term. Just before we broke up, 120 students from the Fairfax Multi Academy Trust participated in a spectacular show at Birmingham University. We had a truly magical evening of song, dance, music and theatre. The students that participated in this event had a fantastic day.

Whilst studying, and being as successful as possible in exams is important, it is not all that school offers. Participating in other activities apart from lessons is an essential part of growing, and contributing to a wider society.

More importantly it is enjoyable!!

I would like to raise your awareness of the opportunities that are available to year 9 outside the classroom this term:

Please share this with your child, and encourage him/ her to get involved.

If there are any activities that you think your child would like to participate in, but are not provided, please do not hesitate to contact me on and I will endeavour to contact you to discuss your ideas.

We also hold house competitions and events in school. This term the following activities are taking place:

  • Remembrance competition
  • Bake off 
  • Elements in atomic numbers
  • Inter house basketball
  • Inter house gymnastics
  • Inter house dodgeball
  • Culture Fest

Please encourage your child to “get involved” and get more enjoyment whilst learning in school.

Mr G Bartlett

Senior Teacher







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