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Principals Blog – March 2023

Raising Participation

Although this has been a short term the great opportunities and experiences offered to our students has not reduced.

Here are a few of the activities that students at Erdington have had to enrich lives and therefore futures.

Erdington Academy are working in conjunction with an organisation called MW fitness, to raise student participation in positive activities during non-structured times in school.

Student Voice activities have identified that students want more opportunities for structured “play”.

Students engage in football, basketball, cricket and dance during break and lunch time. Coaches support the students to develop and refine their performance in each activity, at the same time raising their participation in worthwhile activities in school.

Participation in sport helps the students to develop life skills that they may not necessarily be exposed to: winning with dignity or losing with grace are essential skills for any young person venturing out into the world of work of further education. Learning how to deal with unexpected setbacks, and developing personal resilience are certainly a part of sport.

Developing independence whilst choreographing and refining dance motifs are qualities that all young people will need as they grow. Equally, being part of a team, contributing to a collective goal, and supporting each other are vital, something they will develop as they participate in games.

We hope the students at Erdington relish these new opportunities and participate regularly, developing themselves as valuable members of the school community.



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