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Principal’s Blog – May 2022

As we busily support our Year 11 into their final few weeks with us at Erdington, the Leadership Team at Erdington has been giving thought to how our students have been managing their revision against all the time pressures that come at this point in the year.

We have spent time over the past few months with staff and students discussing metacognition, and strategies we can employ to help us feel more in control of our own learning.

We currently have a focus on metacognition and intend to explore this more deeply next academic year as it helps all students to recognise their own cognitive abilities, direct their own learning, evaluate their performance, understand what caused their successes or failures, and learn new strategies. It can also help them learn how to revise – something that has been at the forefront of everyone’s minds this term!  

Research from the EEF shows that students are more likely remember information from a challenging task compared to one that is too easy. All teaching staff have been carefully considering how to make tasks in lessons difficult, but within reach, so that students can learn from their mistakes, and reflect deeply on what they have learnt. The training with staff and students has been very positively received and we are keen to share our findings across the Trust, so please do get in touch if you would like to know more.

Simon Mallett


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