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Principal’s Blog – February 2023

FMAT Connect Article – February 2023

I am very proud of how my team has worked over the previous months, as ever it is an ever changing picture with staffing, curriculum and expectations for pupils.  We launched many new initiatives this academic year, and staff have really responded positively to pushing the Academy forward.  Expectations are growing inside and out of the Academy as pupil standards continue to rise.  This has only been achieved with all teams pushing in the same direction with a common goal to ensure our students get the very best.

In the summer term we will join the School, Student and Teachers Network – Embedding Formative Assessment pilot.  This will further support our drive in this area and improving the quality of lessons for students.

In January we worked through several wellbeing activities to ensure we reflect on practices around valuing our staff body.  As an Academy we are trying to ensure workload and wellbeing is considered when making decisions.  With our wellbeing lead in situ, we will look at more innovative ways to ensure we are at the forefront of staff well-being.

We saw the following activities:

  • Hot drinks & pastries before briefing.
  • Pilates on teams
  • Time to explore Perkbox
  • Hot drinks with the Principal
  • Staff breakfast

Our Refocus room has been redeveloped this academic year.  It had the benefit of moving into a brand-new space that was designed with its function in mind.  This is an important space for our Academy, as we appreciate that students will make mistakes, but we want to ensure that their time in the RR gives them the opportunity to modify their behaviour and understand how and why we expect them to behave.   The pupils benefit from the following:

  1. Intervention from Foundations for Future
  2. Make a Difference mentoring.
  3. Focus on guided reading.
  4. Community work
  5. Complete the same work that they would be completing in lessons – to ensure they are not missing any curriculum study.
  6. Reflection time with the RR manager to work through the reason that brought them to the space and what they should do next time to avoid returning.

We are excited by the future and are preparing our Year 11 pupils to achieve record results this summer.

Simon Mallett


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