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Risks of unfiltered, or unmonitored use of mobile devices and social media

Thank you for your support this term. The half term break has alerted us to some concerns I would like to take the opportunity to raise your awareness of and some of the risks facing young people through unfiltered, or unmonitored use of mobile devices and social media.

The number of platforms for students to communicate with each other on line is constantly growing. It does not just include mobile phones, but also gaming.

The expectation for mobile phones in school is that they are not seen and not heard. To this end, all mobile phones should be turned off as soon as students cross the school threshold.

We understand that in exceptional circumstances, you may need to contact your child in the case of an emergency. We would ask that you do this through the main reception contact number 0121 373 1080, or the main school email address:

Mobile phones are proven to cause a distraction to learning and progress, and in some circumstances, students have recorded each other in school, and posted videos on line. This is not only distressing, but also illegal to post images or video without consent. When this has happened, we informed parents to notify the police.

Due to the rapid nature of online platforms development, it is prudent to share this information with you now. Hopefully it will answer some questions you may have about your child’s safety on line, and their access to different platforms and apps.

Here is a link to a useful website that I would like to signpost you to for even more information:

Please also take some time to read these poster.

I would recommend that all parents should know the passwords for students’ phones and social media so you can periodically check to ensure the appropriateness of their usage. Any concerns you have over social media should always be reported to the company and the police.

Yours sincerely

Mr G Bartlett

Assistant Head Teacher

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