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Spring Update from Mr Mallett

Spring 2023 Update

Dear Parent/Carer

As we approach the end of the Spring term can I thank all the parents and carers that
ensure our students are well presented and look professional and ready for work every

Can I also remind all that hoodies, pouches and sports footwear are not acceptable in

A full range of our uniform is available from Clive Mark in Boldmere and Trutex in Erdington
if over the holiday items need to be renewed. This information is also available on the

This term we have had a range of exciting activities and opportunities for students to
participate in, as the weather gets better and the evenings lighter next term can I
encourage you to ensure that students get involved in the wide range of after school
activities we have on offer.

As you are aware we had concerns raised due to the comments made by an external
speaker in one of our Enrichment Day sessions. An investigation was launched the
following morning. Due to the investigation and the speed of the communication
home I was unable to provide any further details, as this would have been
inappropriate to give details with an investigation going on, however I wanted to make
parents aware that we knew and action was being taken. The investigation has now
been concluded and I can provide you with some more information. In a session to
year 7 and 8 that was focused on LGBTQ+ awareness the external speaker strayed off
topic, unplanned and briefly discussed faith. This was not the focus or plan for the
session, these comments did cause some concerns.

The investigation has the following recommendations:

Recommendation 1
The Academy to ensure all events that students are undertaking on enrichment day are
communicated to parents/carers.

Recommendation 2
Enrichment day activities need to be better communicated to staff so they can prepare
for sessions more effectively. A standard template should be developed for consistency.

Recommendation 3
The academy should use expertise of internal staff, when certain material is being
covered, also, a ‘Diversity working party’ should be created to ensure equality. This
would help celebrate differences and cultures, so staff/students and communities are
able to understand different viewpoints in a positive manner.

Recommendation 4
When external speakers are delivering sessions to students, there should be a designated
session lead, so all staff are aware who has overall responsibility. This is particularly
relevant what sessions are remote and staff are not in visual communication.

Recommendation 5
The internal investigation and evidence will be shared with the Charity, to ensure they
have all the documentation and evidence needed for their own disciplinary procedures.
We will be seeking reassurances and asking for their findings.

We have some strong links with community groups and local businesses, but I recognise
this could be even stronger in some areas. In response next term myself and the chair
of the Academy Association Mr Hussain will be inviting parents/ carers in to discuss how
we build greater community links that have a particular focus on reaching out to faith
groups and the Parent Teacher Association.

I want to ensure that we continue to have an effective working relationship between
all of us to deliver outstanding quality in all areas to our pupils, whilst providing relevant
& accurate information to parents/carers.

I again want to apologise for any offence as a result of the external presenters’
comments, that was certainly not my or any member of staff’s intention.

Can I finish with reminding all that the academy closes at normal time tomorrow, Friday
31st March and we re-open to all students at normal the time on Monday 17th April 2023.
Thank you for your continued support for the work we do in the academy and I hope
you have a restful Easter break.

Yours sincerely
Head of Academy

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