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Start of Term Letter – September 2022

September 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

It is a pleasure to welcome you all back to a new academic year. I trust everyone has had a safe and enjoyable summer break, and I look forward to speaking with students about their experiences and holidays.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all back to the new academic year, one which I am full of optimism for, for all our students.

Our year 11 who left us in the summer achieved excellent results, please follow the link for an overview, and I am ambitious for all our students and passionate about ensuring your children’s futures are both safe and successful at Erdington and beyond. I will look forward to working with you to move the Academy forward.

Change to Communications

Communications from the Academy are due to change this year as we move our information management systems from SIMS to Bromcom. Parental access to Bromcom will follow in due course and we will endeavour to send out relevant information in due course. Until then all communications will continue through the MyED app.  You should receive a weekly communication that informs you of your child’s attendance, rewards and behaviours.

Parents/carers will receive regular communication from Heads of Year and Faculties. Heads of Year will be writing to you separately to inform you of key information and events relevant to your child’s year group, and will make regular contact throughout the year. Please can I encourage you to follow our social media accounts to stay in touch with events in school.

School Uniform

As we start the new term, to ensure that we all work together in a positive and productive manner can I thank you for your support in ensuring that our tradition and high standards regarding uniform are maintained.  Over the past few days we have had visitors from other schools and employers and all have commented on how professional our students look and behave. This strong reputation we are developing will support students once they leave the academy in securing employment and college places.  Excellent uniform equates to unity and that message of unity is important at a time of great uncertainty in the world. Our expectation sheet is available from the link.

Behaviour Expectations

Key information for the new term has been shared with students in assemblies. Expectations of behaviour is a focus, both in and out of the classroom. I will be discussing with students the importance of good behaviour in classrooms and around school, and their responsibility to be polite and respectful to staff and each other. In addition, I will discuss littering and vandalism of the school site, as last year we saw an increase in these types of incidents. There will be zero

Tolerance to vandalism and I trust I have your support on this matter as per the parent/student school agreement. As a society we encourage people to keep areas clean and tidy, these values will be enforced in school premises too, with litter in bins and canteen areas cleared when students leave after eating.

With a focus on the importance of respecting the environment both in school and in the wider local community, can I remind you that single use plastic bottles are not allowed in the academy and we encourage you all to ensure students have a re-useable drinks container.  Students found littering will be required to litter pick as a sanction to keep the school premises clean and tidy. Again, I trust I have your support on this, as it is important our students understand the importance of respecting their environment.

We are educating our students to make progress academically, but to also be respectful young adults, who contribute positively to society. Over the coming weeks our extra curriculum activities timetable will be shared and I would encourage you to speak to your child in participating in some of these activities.  School is more than just the lessons taught in the day and the knowledge and experiences gained in these activities will help them all the way through their lives, living the trust vision of Enriching Lives; Transforming Futures.

Yours sincerely

S Mallett


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