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Student behaviour and conduct

Unfortunately, last term a small number of students found it challenging to re-adjust to full time education and expectations and are not making safe and appropriate decisions with their behaviour and / or conduct. I want you to know that I cannot and will not allow any student to refuse the requests of any members of Erdington staff or behave in such a way that the education of other students is affected.

Please understand that:

  • We will always allow students to reflect on their immediate decisions and give them an opportunity to make the correct decision.
  • We will always consider the SEND needs of students when we are communicating with them.
  • We will always remain calm and explain the consequences of making decisions that are not safe or appropriate.


I need to make you aware however that, after the steps above, if a student still refuses to follow the requests of any member of Academy staff you should expect them to receive a Fixed Term Exclusion of between 1 and 5 days. A Fixed Term Exclusion is a serious sanction and will remain on a child’s educational record and will be included in references. It is important that you are aware that I consider decisions that are not safe or appropriate to include the following:

  • Not attending lessons on-time.
  • Being out of lessons without permission.
  • Inappropriate conduct in corridors (we expect our students to walk quietly and calmly).
  • Inappropriate conduct on playgrounds or other common areas.
  • Not wearing Academy uniform correctly, including inappropriate jewellery or make-up.
  • Inappropriate physical contact with other students.


Students today will be addressed by the Trust Pastoral Lead and myself who will reiterate the agreed Academy standards and to support children in making the right decisions.

The key messages students will receive are to be:

  • Ready, Respectful, Safe
  • First Time, Every time


In the Assembly today, all students will be given a Standards and Ethos card that we expect them to carry at all times, on these cards rewards and sanctions will be recorded for you to be able to discuss with your child, can I encourage you to look at these and discuss with them this evening.

I hope you can see that we are investing considerable time and resources in the well-being of all Erdington students but with this we expect excellent conduct, behaviour and decision making from all of our students. I want to ensure the best future opportunities are available for all our students, and that no barriers are in the way of any student achieving their potential or ambitions.

Yours faithfully

S. Mallett

Head of Academy

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