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Summer Term (half-term 6) – Monday 3rd June 2024

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: Summer Term (half-term 6) – Monday 3rd June 2024

The final half term of the year is upon us. Lots of change afoot for students of all ages. The last few weeks of exams for Y11 students before they finalise their next steps in anticipation of successful results. The final half term of KS3 for Y9 before they embark on their GCSEs and look forward to a strong start in their subject preferences. There is certainly a lot to look forward to; celebrations, the Y11 Prom, awards, trips and visits for some and pride in achievement for all. Plus, there are transition events and exciting opportunities for those new to school, starting with us for the first time in September 2024. Keep your eye on our calendar of events!

Some things of course though, remain the same. Our uniform expectations never change. We believe that wearing the correct uniform sets the standards for learning, conveys the positive image that the Academy warrants in the local community and ensures that staff are able to focus their attention on learning and progress. Students should wear their uniform with pride; our school is a community laying strong foundations for their future. Blazer, shirt and tie should be worn smartly, along with tailored skirt/trousers and business-like, polishable shoes. Ties have been an issue for some students in the weeks running up to half term. If your son/daughter has lost theirs, new ones can be ordered from ParentPay. If you have forgotten your login details/your password please contact Main reception.  Elastic to repair ties when clips have broken is available in school, for students at The Shack. A member of the Pastoral team is on hand each morning to support with uniform issues and concerns. Students are expected to resolve these at the start of the morning.

A reminder of our uniform expectations is here Academy uniform – Erdington Academy.

Students are expected to be well-equipped for learning. They should bring a strong, sturdy bag to school, with all the pens/pencils and equipment required for them to be the best that they can be in the classroom. They should bring a reusable/refillable bottle to school, with water/juice to drink during the day. They are available in most supermarkets at a reasonable price, and they can be refilled in the school canteen at break/lunch. Energy drinks and high sugar fizzy drinks are not appropriate for school. They impact adversely on children’s concentration and attitude to learning. Disposable plastic bottles/single use plastic bottles available to purchase with water/juice ready to drink, are not allowed. Students bringing these into school, should expect to have them confiscated by staff.

Attendance and punctuality remain a focus for us all this coming half term. Government research consistently identifies the direct correlation between attendance and academic success. Higher attendance rates lead to improved academic performance because students have more opportunities to engage with classroom materials, participate in discussions and receive feedback and support from their teachers. Attendance below 95% is monitored closely by the Attendance and Pastoral Teams in school and attendance below 90% can indicate a cause for concern. If students are not in school, then the learning, social and emotional opportunities missed can be immense. Students should be on site before the gate closes at 8.43am, to give them time to get to their form room for a prompt start at 8.45am. Students who are late receive a detention and will also have a white square signed on their Ethos Card by duty staff.  Attendance for the year to date is a strength of the school. It is worth noting that regular attendance and good punctuality are often used as qualifying criteria for trips, visits and participation in rewards and events.

New Ethos Cards will be issued on Monday for half term 6 and students should keep these visible in the front breast pocket of their blazer. Staff will sign these when they see students excelling, perhaps demonstrating one of our values or just for doing the ‘right thing’, as well as noting something that students might do better. They are also a way for you to monitor potential issues and acknowledge successes, like you already do with the MCAS app. (If you still haven’t downloaded this and need support, please contact school for help.)

This coming week is Parents’ Evening for Y7: Thursday 6th June. If your son/daughter is in Y7, and you haven’t already, please ensure that you make your appointments to speak to their teachers.  It promises to be a busy evening! Refreshments will be available; prepared and served by the students themselves. We look forward to seining you face to face; opportunities for us to connect with parents and families are invaluable.

Finally, thank you as always, for your continued support. It is much appreciated by the staff. It is only through working together that we can enable all our young people to be the very best that they can be.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs K Wright.

Vice Principal | Behaviour & Ethos

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