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Year 11 – Careers Letter for Parents

September 2022

Dear Parent/Carer,                                                                         

Over the next 6 months your child will be working on applying for post-16 education. In Birmingham there are many options for students when applying for post-16 education, including: Sixth Forms, Colleges, Apprenticeships and Training.

Careers Interviews

Mrs O’Donnell the in-school Careers Advisor will meet with your child to discuss career paths and subjects that interest them. Following this, she will provide them with a range of information to support them to look at a range of options and support to make applications to Sixth Form, College and Apprenticeships.

Parents Role in Post-16 Education

Whilst applying for post-16 education is your child’s responsibility and their choice, as a parent, it is your role to:

  1. Have discussions with your child about their interests and careers that they would like to try
  2. Ensure your child has applied for more than one post-16 provider to ensure they have a range of options available to them
  3. Ensure your child attends any interviews on time
  4. Engage with the Careers advice that is sent out through social media, on the website and handed to students in school
  5. Encourage your child to log into & register with START profile, the online careers platform
  6. Use the Labour Market Information booklet LMI Guide – MY WAY Into The World Of Work (1).pdf to find out about jobs in the West Midlands. (right click and open the hyper link)
  8. Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours sincerely,

Mrs A O’Donnell

Academy Careers Advisor.

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