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Year 7 letter February 2022

We are writing to you to share some opportunities we would like year 7 to take part in and some areas we are leading on to ensure all students have the right mindset to be successful at Erdington Academy.

On the 4th of February the Year 7 Pastoral team led an assembly during period 1 to remind students of the opportunities they have at Erdington Academy, which when they take part in feeds into them being successful in the future. The right mindset is having the right attitude which leads to success. We also had to discuss what happens when we don’t have that right mindset. 

All year 7s have been challenged to focus more on revision clubs after-school, taking part in competitions and representing the school in sports. In the recent Science competition, a handful of year 7s took part; half of the year group said they have read a book at home; and, 25% said they did revision at home. By the end of this term, I am confident more students will show the right attitude and make the most of these opportunities. Parental support to help encourage the right attitude will make the year 7s successful.

We also had to go over how to report an incident if it occurs. All students have a responsibility to report unkindness to staff – teachers in their lesson, duty staff, form tutors or pastoral staff. All of our teachers are trained to support students and our pastoral team will feedback when they have a full and balanced picture of events. If students call home to report the incident in the day to their parents this raises parental stress levels through miscommunication and leads to increased workload of our pastoral team that in turn slows down dealing with issues swiftly and fairly. Students will therefore be sanctioned for phone use in school time because they have a responsibility to report unkindness in the right way and at the right time so that staff can be successful in resolving it quickly and properly.

Ensuring that year 7s are kind, ready, respectful and safe is all of our responsibilities and we appreciate your ongoing support with this.

Head of Academy and Year 7 Pastoral Team

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