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Careers in Year 7

Years 7 – 9

One of our Key trust values is AMBITION. From the outset students receive a succession of career lessons delivered through the Erdington Edge programme. All students also receive inspirational lessons, assemblies covering career pathways and decision-making topics. Along with meaningful visits to Colleges, Universities in their first term at the academy and all the cohort having the opportunity to visit the Big Bang STEM careers fair in March. They will also have meaningful encounters during ‘futures week’ at our annual careers fair which is well represented from apprenticeship, further and higher education providers and at the apprenticeship fair in March.

Students and parents are given access to the Unifrog website to explore at home and at school.

Careers Entitlement

During Year 7 students will have:

  • Time to reflect on their personal qualities, skills and the way they relate to their peers during Erdington Edge lessons.
  • Understood more about how they learn.
  • Access to impartial careers information and advice via Unifrog careers platform and the careers pages of the website

By the end of Year 7 students will:

  • Have had the opportunity to have had a meaningful encounter with a university, college or apprenticeship provider
  • Have had the opportunity to have visited Big Bang Stem Careers fair at NEC
  • Have had meaningful encounters at the annual Careers Fair as part of futures week and the opportunity to have visited the Apprenticeship Fair
  • Have raised their levels of personal awareness
  • Have begun to identify their strengths and how you can make best use of the them
  • Planned personal targets for Year 8.

What our students say about Careers Education

Year 7 Oxford University Visit – Enrichment Day

“For me Oxford seemed like a really lovely and safe place where my ambitions could easily become a reality.”

Year 7 BMET Visit

“This was a great experience because I got to learn more and more things about my career in the future”

Year 7 Make UK Visit

“I enjoyed my visit because it was very inspiring. The most fun part about it was making the model.”