Academy Life


Our Vision:

Our vision for the PE Department is to provide fun, exciting and engaging learning experiences to develop student’s confidence,leadership and enthusiasm to participate in physical activity not only in the curriculum but throughout life. We seek to embed life skills of communication, creativity, problem solving and moral values through a changing curriculum that suits the needs of all learners.”

We challenge our students to strive for optimum performance and entertain observers with a high skill level. Pupils will have the ability to work independently or in groups to overcome challenges.

As staff we have a duty to modify and refine our practice to increase the progress made by pupils. We aim to build a positive relationship with students to develop ideas to increase pupil’s ownership of their curriculum.

“There are no secrets to success. It comes from preparation, hard work and learning from previous failures.”

Careers in Sport:

There are many future careers in sport that fall within the above categories.

V Cert Health and Fitness Curriculum Journey