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Geography department vision:

In Geography, our intent is for the curriculum to promote a curiosity about the world for our learners. The curriculum will enable our students to be confident to understand and ask questions about the world around them.  The intent is to develop a holistic knowledge of the subject at Key Stage Three in order to create a platform to build on at GCSE. Our GCSE exam board is AQA.

It is our intent for Geography to be learned inside and outside of the classroom.  If our students do not pick Geography at GCSE, we want them to take a responsible attitude towards the world and adopt a life-long learning approach. We will support our learners to develop skills that are transferable across all subjects and employment in later life. Students will ‘think like a geographer’. Geography will be a journey that starts in KS3 and evolves through to KS4. We implement this through the aspiration to deliver high quality education which promotes a love of learning about the world. Work must be accessible and engaging for all learners through means such as differentiation to ensure that true progress is made.

Curriculum map 2021 – 2022:

Year 7Global to LocalClimate and HazardsPopulation and Development
Year 8Earth processesAfricaUK Geography
Year 9Resources and TradeChinaClimate and Biomes
Year 10

Living World &

Natural Hazards

Urban Issues and Challenges

Changing Economic World & Resource Management


Year 11UK LandscapesPaper 3 preparation 


There are hundreds of career opportunities that link with the study of Geography. For example: town and transport planning, chartered surveying, land and water management, sustainability, environmental consultancy, development, tourism, conservation, demography, housing and social welfare.

However, and more importantly, GCSE Geography is an academic and high-calibre subject which will help students successfully progress to Further and/or Higher Education.