Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Our Vision:

In Food Preparation and Nutrition, our curriculum is design to inspire, challenge, and develop independence, whilst equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to create, cook, and evaluate their own dishes. The curriculum will provide knowledge and skills to allow students to make a range of nutritious meals inspired from dishes around the World. Students are able to become familiar and explore other cultures from around the world. At Erdington Academy we host several different cultural background activities, and our students demonstrate positive curiosity around the different foods available to them.

The curriculum is designed for students to develop and progress within 5 key concepts of disciplinary knowledge; Nutrition & Diet, Science of Food, Where Food Comes From, Factors affecting food choice and Food preparation and cooking.

We deliver a curriculum that encompasses both practical and theoretical work which together enables students to acquire sound subject knowledge and develop practical skills. The curriculum is designed so that in each year they learn about: the food commodities; food provenance; principles of nutrition; diet and good health; the science of food, as well as cooking and food preparation. As they progress throughout food these principal areas are progressively built upon and applied to enable students to make wise food choices and safely prepare and cook a range of predominantly savoury products, whilst starting to explore topical issues surrounding food.

Our main drive is to prepare students for adulthood. We are what eat therefore, students are guided on making the right decision and choices with the food they eat. They are educated on the importance of staying healthy to extend life expectancy.

It also creates a clear path to the different careers that is link to the course. Students can further study Food Preparation and Nutrition at A Levels, college, and University.

Curriculum Road Map:

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KS3 Home Learning Collaboration

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KS4 Course Overview

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