Academy Life


Our Vision:

To ensure all students master Mathematical concepts and skills – and demonstrate this through multiple representations and precise use of language. Through the development of fluency, reasoning and problem-solving, our students don’t just excel in education; they have the edge in life beyond school.


Maths is the one GCSE which can open the most doors for you. Local employers and colleges prioritise applicants with a ‘pass’ in Maths (grade 4) – in fact good colleges are now asking for a ‘good pass’ (grade 5). The highest paid jobs are directly linked to Mathematics.

From Year 9, students study the EdExcel GCSE in Mathematics, details of which can be found here:

Our Preferred Calculator:

All students need to bring a good scientific calculator to their Maths lesson every day. The preferred model is Casio FX 83 GTX, which retails for around £10 in most good supermarkets. The Casio FX 83 GT is slightly cheaper, and can be purchased from the school via ParentPay (limited stock).