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Academy Life

Information for Providers

As part of Erdington Academy’s commitment to informing our students of a full range of learning and training routes on offer to them, we are happy to consider requests from providers wishing to speak to our students.

We are proud of the extensive network of providers who work with the Academy to ensure our students are well informed of the opportunities available to them when they leave Erdington Academy.

Over the course of the academic year we hold a number of activities and events, which include:

  • Careers focused assemblies
  • Futures Week
  • Careers Fair
  • Options Careers Fair
  • Apprenticeship Week
  • Apprenticeship Careers Fair
  • Careers Focused Enrichment day visits and activities
  • Insight Days
  • Work Experience Placements

If you would like to discuss joining us at one of the events detailed above or would like more specific information,  please contact and a member of our careers team will contact you.

What Students Say

Year 7 University Visit 

“ I loved Birmingham City University because it was inspirational for me and I will definitely go their for my university. LOVED IT!”

“ I enjoyed the visit because I now understand what courses I have to take and it was inspirational.”

Year 8 Skills Show 

“I would like to go again.”

“The Skills Show was helpful for me to understand what career I want to have.”

“I really enjoyed learning about the different careers available around Birmingham.”

Year 9 Girls Engineering Amey Challenge 

“This visit has helped me for the future as I had to stand up in front of lots of people, overcoming my anxiety and furthermore, I also learned how to work in a group and getting a range of ideas into something big.”

Year 10 Oxford University 

“Keble College visit has inspired me to work harder for my exams and I definitely want to attend university in the future. I have learned that you have to succeed you need to be academic and have a passion for the subject that you want to study.”

“I like the way school takes us on amazing educational visits about our future possible pathways when we leave school. It was a very good trip.”

Year 9 Enrichment Day 

“I had a great time visiting the college and it has opened my eyes to many different things. I would love to go again.”

“I really enjoyed visiting this university and the experience will help me choose what subjects I would like to study further. I hope to visit again!”

Year 10 Insight into Medicine Day 

“The visit has allowed me to have an insight into how a medical school works and it has provoked positive thoughts of attending University. Thanks for this special day.”

Year 9 Apprenticeship Fair 

“I found the apprenticeship fair very useful as it has made me think me about what I might be interested in and what to do next after year 11.”

“Really grateful for the representatives as it really helped me understand what path I want to take post 16. I got a really inspiring pep talks to strive as far as I can to get my best possible marks in my GCSE’s. I really do think it has helped me.”