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Erasmus +

We are proud to be coordinating an Erasmus+ project at Erdington Academy. Scroll through the Sway below using the right hand scroll bar to find out more about the scheme; to make it full screen or show in another browser tab for a better view click the top right hand icons.

Erasmus Contest Logo Competition:

Staff part of the Erasmus Project:

UK – Lisa Millward & Faye Gilbert.

Turkey – Serdar Yoldas, Murat Borazan, Mehmet Edeman and Mehmet Ekinci.

Portugal – Ana Paula Fino & Alexandra Marinheiro.

Romania – Alexandra Tischer, Cosmina Almasan, Georgiana Savescu, Madalina Spulber, Madalina Sibisian, Simona Craciun, Daniela Aldea and Delia Nemes.

Italy – Maria Peluso, Alessandro Cristofanelli and Manuela Luisi.

Logo Competition
Winner – Portugal