Proud to be an FMAT Academy

Our Vision:

The art department plays an integral role in the development of our student’s creativity and artistic understanding. We strive to stretch our student’s intellect, imagination and allow them to reflect on their learning. As a department, we ensure students have an understanding of the important role art plays in society and our daily lives.
Students are taught that art is a tool to impart and communicate feelings, emotions and explore creativity. We encourage students to appreciate, understand and interpret what they are looking at and communicate what they think and feel about art in an appropriate way. Art is a major part of our lives and touches each and every one of us on both a subconscious and conscious level. Students are challenged to view, create, experience and understand art from a wide range of cultures reflecting our community. They are guided in recognising that art is created with a range of intentions, dependant on the artist, the time or social climate and works on both an intellectual and creative level.
As a department we encourage our students to be creative, solve problems independently, explore visual communication, investigate the varied world of Art and experiment with both ideas, materials and strive to develop their practical and theoretical knowledge. Our curriculum is designed to enrich our students, and continuously builds on previous acquired knowledge, as well as being a reflection on the school’s cultural diversity. We believe that art is more than how to hold a brush or use a pencil; it is an important form of expression and individuality that is showcased and celebrated throughout the school and wider community.

Curriculum Road Map:

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KS3 Home Learning Collaboration


KS4 Course Overview

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