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We have put together the following curriculum programme for year 11 students. It is a blended approach of virtual and in school support so that year 11s are ready for their next step. May I remind you that it is compulsory. In normal years, students would be in GCSE exams through June.

Every Monday, students will be emailed a Microsoft Form to register on. Using the form they may request a phone call from the year 11 support team. If they do not complete this form, then we will be phoning, visiting those year 11 students and contacting the local authorities so we meet our duty of care to year 11 students.

Some students will be invited in for a 1:1 career meeting. They will be contacted about that separately and given a time.

If colleges are doing physical tours then we will support that. Currently these are being done remotely, however, this may change.

Dress code

Dress code

  • Every Thursday students are invited in for a PSHE/EDGE session and then games. You may come to school in your PE kit.
  • Every Thursday students doing triple science are invited in for a PSHE/EDGE session and then a Physics lesson. You may come to school in your uniform.
  • If you’re in school for a 1:1 meeting then you need to come to school in your uniform.
  • On the last Friday there is a celebration event for Year 11. Food will be provided. You may come to school in professional office wear.

Any questions about the provision please email: and direct it to Ms J Hunt, assistant headteacher.

Thank you for the support you have given students and the Academy at this challenging time.

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College Open Days – 2020/2021

Virtual Birmingham & Solihull Careers Fair:

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Upcoming webinar that might be useful for students who are interested in a medicine pathway. The webinar is completely free and is for students aged 15+ who are thinking about or currently applying to medical school.

Title: The Medical School Personal Statement
Host: Dr April Diviney
Date: Wednesday 30th September
Time: 7pm