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Behaviour Letter – 20.9.2023

20 September 2023

Dears Parents/Guardians

As a collective we have achieved many great things in the last academic year, from the recognition from OFSTED to the very strong year 11 results; we have become an Academy that has the highest expectation of their students but equally delivers the support they need to achieve their full potential.

As a team we want to keep this momentum going this academic year, and achieve greater things, but this can only be done if we all work together as a team. The rules and expectations around uniform, equipment and behaviour may seem high, but I assure you, these are the details that make an outstanding school.


All students should arrive to the Academy by 8.40 am when morning registration occurs. If your child arrives after 8.43am they receive a letter, and you will also have a text message stating your child arrived late. They will also serve a same day detention afterschool for 20 minutes. Please be aware if your child received 10 lates over an academic year, you could receive a fixed penalty notice from Birmingham City Council.

Punctuality is a key employability skill that we work hard to instil in our students.


All students need to arrive to the Academy in full uniform. We want all students to have sense of pride about our Academy and this starts with immaculate uniform across all students. When students do not, they will receive a negative on their ethos card. When students receive three negative points, they receive a detention.

Uniform shop is available every morning before school for students to purchase or borrow items from.


As an Academy we need to ensure positive behaviours are rewarded through trips and the Whole School reward programme. Your child can gain positive points through hard work in lessons or showing Academy values throughout the day. At the end of terms and the Academic year, students with the higher points are rewarded. Please be aware that some rewards have limited space and punctuality and negative behaviour may mean some students may miss these opportunities.

Thank you for your continued support.

Best wishes

Kav Pawar

Vice Principal

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