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Black History Month Competition Entries

Portrait competition
Students were asked to create a portrait to celebrate Black History Month. The choice of person was left up to the individual student but the person must have made a positive difference to our lives and in someway must be connect to Black History. They were told the person could be anyone that they consider to be an inspirational person.

Competition entries could be done using any artistic approach students considered appropriate i.e. Photography, Graphics, Sculpture, Paint or a Drawing and students were allowed to use any medium.
The response to the competition was fantastic and students really impressed the art department with their entries.

1st Rania Khan
2nd Maryam Malik
3rd Aadil Kori

1st Tasnim Tasnimah
2nd Yedda Yip
3rd Mayesha Akhtar

Arden House
1st Jayden Byrne
2nd Rigberta Nimah
3rd Delia Marin

Dean House
1st Aaliyah Uddin
2nd Sarah Woodcock
3rd Emalee Parker

With the Overall WINNER being Tasnim Tasnimah

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