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Extra Curricular programme

At Erdington Academy we place a great emphasis on character education. That is al the learning that takes place during childhood that is not necessarily academic.

Our ambition in the academy is to enrich lives and transform futures for our students. We believe in students developing their characters through participating fully in school life. Not just by fully engaging in lessons, but by becoming involved in the many competitions and clubs offered by the academy. We believe that this is important.

Participating in extra curricular activities helps students to develop skills and qualities that they may not in academic subjects. It helps students develop physically, mentally and socially.

As a new term starts, it is timely to share the activities that are available at Erdington Academy for your child:

Day Activity Year group Venue
Monday Cricket All Years Astro turf
Athletics Birchfield Harriers All Years Sports Hall
Girls’ Football All Years Astro turf
Tuesday Rounders All Years Fields / Sports Hall
Year 7 Boys’ Football 7 Astro turf
Girls Dance Club 7 ST4 Lunch time
Erdington Stars sports club Invite only Drama studio, lunch time
Languages Club All Years A2
Wednesday Maths Club ALL Rooms 32/24
Art Club KS3  
Drumba All Years Dance Studio (ST4)
Girls’ Football All Years Astro turf
Trampolining All Years Gym
Art Club ALL St1
Thursday Gardening Club ALL Safeguarding office next to

room 37

Netball All Years Sports Hall
Table Tennis All Years Atrium
Drama club All Years Drama studio
Friday eSports Club ALL Room 21
Photography Club KS4 St1
Badminton/Volleyball All Years Sports Hall
Cooking club All Years Room 65

Please encourage your child to pick at least one activity that they can participate in or try a new activity. If there is an activity that your child would like to try, but it is not already provided, please contact Mr Bartlett, and I will investigate whether this is feasible.

Yours sincerely

Mr G Bartlett

Senior Teacher

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