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Humanities Major/Minor

2 May 2024

Dear parent / Carer,

Humanities Major/Minor

I am writing to you with an exciting curriculum development that we are introducing to the students at Erdington Academy who are currently in Year 8.

Up until now the curriculum subjects that students follow have been set for them until they reach Key Stage 4.  To develop students’ sense of responsibility for their curriculum, we are asking that they indicate which Humanities subject they would like to major and minor in.

This means that students will get to indicate if they would prefer to take two History lessons and one Geography or two Geography and one History lesson for the duration of their Year 9 curriculum.

All students when they move into Key Stage 4 (Year 10) will have to take either History or Geography and indicating a preference earlier will help to provide a strong foundation for them to transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4.  That said, if a student indicates a preference to major in History, but at Key Stage 4 decides to select Geography as a preference, they will not be at a disadvantage.

Please can you speak to your son/daughter about what Humanities subject they would like to major/minor in.  We strongly encourage when making this decision that you consider which of these subjects would help them in their next steps when they leave the Academy as well as which subject they personally enjoy.  It is important that any decision made is not done so based on your child’s friendship groups or personal preferences for teachers.

Using the link below, please can you indicate your son/daughters’ preferences. The deadline to submit this information is Monday 20th May.  This will give you the opportunity to speak to your son/daughters’ teachers of both History and Geography at parents evening on the 16th May, before you submit your final preference. If we have not received a response by that date this will limit our ability to offer your child a major/minor of their preference.

Humanities Major/ Minor link –

Best Wishes

Ms Cross

Vice Principal

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