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Intervention Letter – 14.3.2024

14 March 2024

Dear Parents / Carers

As we progress through the academic year, I wanted to provide you with some important updates regarding upcoming exams and interventions for our students across different year groups. The main driver of achievement for every student is the quality first teaching they receive in their lessons. It is imperative that students are in school and ready for learning as this will make the main difference in terms of the progress they make at the end of their time in the Academy. Below are some important dates for you to remember.

Year 11 GCSE exams

Year 11s have 6 weeks before their exams start!

The Year 11 exams are fast approaching, and it is crucial that our students are well prepared. These exams are scheduled to commence May 9th, but several subjects will have exams before then including Drama, Art, Photography and French. We are actively implementing various measures to support our students during this time. Our dedicated teachers are providing targeted revision and personalised support to ensure that each student is confident and equipped to excel in their exams.

 Interventions and support

We understand the significance of tailored interventions to address individual learning needs. The Academy has implemented a range of interventions aimed at supporting students to reach their full potential. These interventions include form time interventions in several subjects, additional lessons on Tuesdays period 1 for selected students and after school intervention for all students. The after-school interventions are at the following times and in the following subjects:

Tuesdays – Science

Wednesdays – English, History, Geography, Drama and Art

Thursdays- Maths

Fridays – PE and Music

 Students also have a wealth of resources available through GCSE pod and revision materials provided by the school. With the mocks now over, every lesson leading up to their final GCSE exams is important so please encourage them to take advantage of every opportunity that is being offered in and out of school over the weeks leading up to their exams.

How you can support

  1. Ensure that your child is in school every day leading up to their exams.
  2. Ensure that your child is punctual to school.
  3. Encourage them to attend every after-school intervention.

Students who attend every intervention are also entered into a draw to win their prom ticket or their reward trip for free.

Year 10 mocks

For our Year 10 students, the mock exams play a vital role in preparing them for the challenges ahead. Mock exams are scheduled to take place from June 17th to June 28th and they serve as an invaluable opportunity for students to familiarise themselves with the exam format, assess their strengths and weaknesses and refine their study strategies accordingly. Year 10 students should be studying for these exams and using all the revision materials available to them.

 Assessment week Years 7-9

Years 7-9 assessment week will take place June 17th to June 21st and students will be assessed on the material they have been learning throughout the school year. These assessments are designed to gauge their academic development and provide teachers with valuable insights into areas where additional support may be required.

We encourage you to discuss these upcoming assessments with your children and ensure that they are prepared for them.  As an Academy, we endeavour to support our students to achieve their full potential and value the support you give. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Muschette

Assistant Principal

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