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Principal’s Blog – October 2022

It is great to be back and looking forward to the opportunities that a new academic year brings.

We are really pleased with the 2022 outcomes. As we are all aware that success is built through a combination of relationships between teachers, students, and parents. Our outcomes this year indicate that the efforts last year in developing parental links and re-establishing strong positive class relationships have underpinned the continual year on year improvements.

While our results this year show a positive year on year improvement, the area we are most proud of is our lack of disadvantage gap. This we believe has been achieved through not only the diligent work on continually improving quality first teaching, but also the focus over the past few years on developing literacy. Last year this focus turned into improving the literacy of staff. This focus consisted of auditing and upskilling staff, the consistency of delivery, along with focusing on how tier 3 vocabulary is embedded into subject areas. It was a real joy last year to go into a wide range of lessons and hear students talking like an expert, not only in Key Stage 4 but right from year 7. I would like to also recognise the staff in really embracing the drive and all acknowledging that uplifting everyone’s understanding
and practice has a significant impact in not only in the short term with year 11 results but in setting the foundations for success throughout life.

It was also great to come back into the academy with a range of facilities updated, while some may not have been completely finished the difference it has and will continue to make to staffs and students working environment will have a long-lasting impact. These have included a relocation and modernisation of the library, 2 new drama spaces, updated art and science rooms, along with staff workspaces, administration and reception.

Looking forward to the coming year our main focus is on improving our use of assessment, with a particular focus on how it is used in the classroom to inform the next steps of the lesson. Staff are having to think deeply about what is the core knowledge students must know and consider what are the best ways of assessing, both formative and summative, to ensure students have a strong understanding. Our first steps have been to further develop and challenge staffs planning, and the rational for what they are delivering and why. This had led to some exciting curriculum conversations, that in turn has then led to deeper conversations about how staff check and know students have a strong understanding of the key concepts or knowledge.

This focus will ensure that are sharp and support another year of improved student outcomes.



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