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Welcome to Year 10 Letter

27th September 2022

Dear Parents/Carers


I hope you have had a restful and safe summer. As students settle into the newacademic year  I would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself as the Head of Year 10.I look forward to working with you and child to ensure their success and potential is fulfilled this academic year.

Key dates for your diary:

• 1st November – Into Year 10 Evening

• 13th July – Year 10 Parents Evening

Both evenings are crucial in supporting your child, so we hope you will attend. Key information will be provided during the information evening, which will help you support your child at home. Parents evening will enable you as parents to understand which parts of the curriculum your child is successful in and which part, they need to improve in.

Mock exams start:

• 9th January – Start of Mock Exams

• 12th June – Start of Mock Exams

Mock exams provide the opportunity for pupils to experience tests that simulate the real GCSE’s. We hope pupils will revise prior to both sets of exams to ensure the grades they achieve reflect their current ability. The results from these exams enable staff to determine which parts of the curriculum students need further support in. We kindlyrequest that you help motivate your child to revise independently at home before both set of exam series.

These are the term dates for this academic year:

• 24th to 28th October – Half Term

• 18th December to 2nd January – Festive Holiday

• 20th to 24th February – Half Term

• 3rd April – 14th Festive Break

• 29th May – Half Term

Please be reminded of the uniform standards this year, which can be found on theAcademy website. Can you please ensure you support the Academy in ensuring your child is in correct uniform daily. As part of the Trust annual feedback please could you complete the Parent Stakeholder survey following the link below, your feedback is important to us:

Parent Survey – Autumn 2022

Any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr Jordan: Head of Year Head of Key stage

Yours Sincerely.

Miss Clarke

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