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Adverse Weather Conditions Letter – 1st December 2023

30th November 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

Given the weather forecast for the weeks ahead, please be reminded that the Academy has the following extreme weather statement:

“Birmingham City Council no longer make decisions about blanket closures for academies in the case of extreme weather, therefore the decision to close Erdington Academy will be made by the Principal in consultation with the FMAT CEO or FMAT Director of Education.

 If such a decision to close the Academy is made by the Principal, key members of staff will be contacted to ensure that a notice is placed on the Academy website and that updates are sent to staff and parents/carers by 08:00 hrs wherever possible through the MCAS app.  

After the school day has started the decision to close the Academy is a matter for the Principal to decide.  Reasonable effort will be made to contact parents/carers to advise them that the Academy has closed through the same channels as mentioned above”.


Please be assured that we will endeavour to keep Erdington Academy open, but when considering closure, we will take a proportionate approach to managing the risk that the poor weather poses to both staff and students. There are a number of factors that will influence any decision taken to close the Academy and may include:

Can students and staff get to school safely? This may be affected by public transport.

Can students and staff get home safely? If severe weather is expected and may prevent staff and students getting home safely, the Academy may decide to close.

Is the site safe enough for movement between buildings? Adjacent schools may take different views on the slippery conditions if, say, one has a very sloping site.

Can enough staff get into school in order to ensure safe staff to pupil ratios?

We would like to thank you for your continued support of the academy.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Mallett


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