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Head of Academy Letter – 29th March 2021

29 March 2021

Dear Parents and Carers.

We come to the end of an unusual Spring term, that started with students working remotely and
has happily ended with all students being in school and enjoying learning in classrooms. Thank
you for your support, it has been a challenging time for staff and leaders also, adapting to remote
lessons and making changes to the curriculum from the feedback we have received from
parents and students, our aim is always to make the best even better.

When we return we hope to be able to start to bring back more normality to school life. After
school clubs will be starting again, these will be year group bubble focused and with a different
offer each evening. The programme will be sent out via the app and published on the website
shortly, please take the time to look over as a family. I hope you will encourage students to
participate in an activity, there is a range of sporting, academic and special interest clubs, we
have always prided ourselves on a strong participation rate, students’ research evidence shows
that participation in after school events has a strong impact on mental wellbeing.

Well done to all who participated in the Ultimate Warrior Competition, this was a national event
completed remotely by students at home during lockdown and I am really pleased to announce
we have come first in the country, beating not only all our local schools in a Birmingham league,
but also some of the country’s top schools.

When we return we plan to start our assembly programme, this will be remotely in classrooms to
begin, but is an important dimension of the school and an opportunity to build community and
share messages and successes.

Thank you for the recent parent survey, the results really help us in moving the school
forward. One example of this is the creation of the Parental Curriculum Guides that we started
in January. These will come out to you via the app at the start of every half term, if you have not
downloaded please do so, more and more of the school communication comes direct to you
through the app. From our March survey results 89% found the Curriculum Guides useful, these
only came into creation as a response to the feedback from your October parental survey, so
thank you for the help in shaping Academy improvements. The guides are bespoke to your
child’s subjects and will support you knowing the topics students are going to cover in the half
term. Having conversations at home about what students have learned is a vital part of securing
learning. This ability to be able to recall the day’s learning and having to communicate this
knowledge to others is possibly the best way you can support your student’s progression and

Students return to the academy on Monday 19th April 2021. Over the coming two weeks can
you ensure that uniforms are ready for return. Students need shoes that can be polished, any
sports logo is not appropriate on clothing or footwear, footwear with a visible air pocket in the
sole is also not permitted. Students need a coat and a black jumper, the only hoodies that are
permitted, at any time, are the school year 11 leavers. Clive Mark on Boldmere Road now has
ties ready for collection. When students return uniform needs to be as our uniform policy or
students will have sanctions in place

Please find a link to our full uniform policy below:
If you would like to leave feedback on Parent View please follow the attached link:

I hope you have a good Easter break and I look forward to seeing students in the Summer term
in April.


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S Mallett
Head of Academy

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