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June 2023 – Ofsted inspection letter

June 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware in April we had an Ofsted inspection. Please see attached the now published inspection report

We are really pleased and proud to have been judged Good in all areas.

Can I personally thank you for the positive feedback to the inspectors over the two days and the support you have and continue to give to the Academy.

Some of the key points that the inspectors identified as areas of strength were:

Leaders have high expectations of all pupils. They ensure that the values of excellence, dedication, tradition, integrity and ambition are central to the school’s culture.

Pupils have access to a broad curriculum, which is ambitious for all, including pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND). Pupils enjoy their learning.

Pupils are usually respectful to one another and staff. Staff take incidents of bullying seriously. Pupils say bullying is rare.

Leaders have developed an exciting and ambitious curriculum for all pupils.

Leaders have prioritised reading, encouraging pupils to become confident and fluent readers. Staff are trained to support pupils who find reading difficult. This has rapidly improved pupils’ confidence in reading in key stage 3.

The school’s personal development programme is of a high quality. Leaders have developed an ambitious curriculum, called ‘The Edge’. This takes into account specific challenges that might be faced by pupils.

The school’s careers programme is comprehensive. It is well planned, giving pupils access to high-quality information about careers.

Moving forwards we will be focusing on:

Despite leaders’ continued efforts to create a positive environment, they have not ensured that all pupils understand that discriminatory language is not tolerated in the school community.

Leaders should ensure that the recording of safeguarding concerns is coherent.

Leaders should ensure that all teachers give pupils appropriate opportunities to articulate and discuss new learning in order to make links with earlier learning and to enable teachers to swiftly identify misconceptions.

We have already started to take actions on some of these areas and welcome the feedback to support us as an academy offer an even stronger level of education to our students.

Kind regards



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