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Options Letter

Dear Student,

I hope that you have settled into the new academic term and are adjusting to your key stage 4 curriculum.

We understand that making choices about what you will study for the next two years is difficult and want to support students so that they feel the courses and the curriculum offer you have chosen is right for you.

Students by now will have completed one full week of their timetable and experienced the reality of the option choices they have made. While many students will be happy with their choices for some, they may wish to discuss possible changes.  To facilitate this, we are opening a consultation window from Monday 26th September until Thursday 29th September whereby students who wish to discuss possible changes to their timetable can do so. 

If you want to discuss the possibility of making changes to your option choices, you will need to write a letter which expresses the reasons that you wish to change your options.  This letter will need to be signed by both the student and their parent/carer. Once we receive a letter you will be invited to a meeting to discuss potential option changes.  It is important to note that while we will do everything to accommodate your requests, movement will be minimal due to the timetable already being in place.

Please note that the consultation period closes at 9am on Thursday 29th September, so any letters or requests made after this date will not be considered.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your Head of Year Ms Clarke in the first instance.

Kind regards

Ms Cross

Vice Principal

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