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Parental Letter – 23rd October 2023

23 October 2023

Dear Parent/carer

I am proud of the start we have made since September.  Standards & expectations are really high, with all parties pushing together to ensure your child receives the best education possible.

Parents, Teachers and Families Association

I would like to thank the following members for starting the PTFA.  It is great to hear views from parents who are supporting the academy to further improve.

 Nichalia Kansara

Carol Brown

Natalie Willstrop

Lynette Silini

The members meet at school fortnightly on Friday morning from 9am, if you wish to join, please email

Ethos cards

Part of routine and standards are built around ethos cards, that your child already possesses.  They bring this card home every day and should have it on them at all times around the Academy.

As per the required equipment, your child should bring their Ethos card every day to the academy.  I would strongly encourage you to check this card weekly with your child to help ensure they are receiving achievements points and question why they have received a negative (non-compliance) point too.

 The ‘Ethos card’ shows the following information:

Achievements points

The negative points (Non-compliance)


House events

Out of lesson permission

Red Ethos card

If your child loses their card or fills their card with the maximum negative points they receive a red Ethos card. 

Consequences of having a ‘Red ethos’ card

10 minute delay to get into canteen once you get there.

Zero access to Astro during lunchtimes.

Green Ethos card

If your child gains the maximum number of Achievement points they receive a green ethos card.

Benefits of having a ‘Green Ethos’ card

On the ladder to receive their bronze, silver gold & platinum badge.

Receive a golden ticket- half termly draw for a reward

Much higher chance of getting into the end of year reward trips

I would appreciate you check this card weekly and challenge any negative points with your child.

Your sincerely 

Kav Pawar

Vice Principal


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