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Parental Letter – January 2023

January 2023

Dear Parent/Carer

As you may be aware, we have made significant improvements to the Academy building over the past few months. One of the largest projects undertaken was the relocation of the library. A brand-new space has been created at the heart of the Academy and our new library is now up and running and proving to be a popular resource for students and staff alike. The decision to relocate the library was taken to give it a more prominent place in the Academy and to make it easier and more convenient for students to access – especially at social times. Research shows that reading for pleasure can promote better health and wellbeing, aids in building social connections and relationships with others and is associated with a range of factors that help increase the chances of social mobility, which is why we have significantly invested in the library.

I wanted to write to you today, as the new Librarian, to formally introduce myself and to set out briefly my vision and hopes for our wonderful new library. I am keen to make it a really special space within Erdington Academy; a space that encourages, inspires and cultivates a love of reading for pleasure. I also want to ensure it remains a calm and peaceful place for students to spend their break and lunchtimes, whether that be for studying, for reading quietly, or even for a spirited game of chess.

To ensure that that Library maintains its calm purposeful atmosphere, we will be re-introducing a ‘pass-system’ for students to gain entry to the library at social times. Passes will only be issued to students who request them from me personally in the morning, and they must have a suitable reason to want to spend their break/lunchtime in the library. Examples of such reasons are:

  • To revise, research, complete coursework or homework
  • To complete AR quizzes
  • To read and/or change their ERIC book
  • To play chess or another of our board games

Library passes will not be issued to students for any of the following reasons:

  • To play recreational games on the computers
  • To commune together in groups to chat
  • Because it is cold/wet outside


For those students who do spend their social times in the library (including before and after school), it is important they maintain and follow the same standards that are expected of them at all other times:

  • Outdoor coats to be removed
  • No mobile phones
  • No food/drink (except bottled water)
  • To respect the space and all those within it

Passes will be revoked immediately for any students who do not adhere to these standards.

I am incredibly excited to be part of Erdington Academy and to be promoting and championing reading for pleasure. We have big plans for the months ahead, including relaunching our ‘Reading Canon’ and Accelerated Reader across Key Stage 3. Thank you in advance for your support.

Mr C Pettitt


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