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Principals letter – 8th January 2024

January 2024

Happy New Year, I hope you had a good break and are looking forward to the opportunities that 2024 has to bring. As we return for the start of the Spring term can I remind you of some of our expectations that underpin our learning behaviours.

High Expectations of Uniform

We expect all students to be smart because we are a school with traditional values. The expectation is that all students are in full school uniform every day. This means:

  • Plain black shoes are the expectation for all, students not in shoes will be expected to wear the shoes we provide.
  • Every student is expected to look after and wear their house tie with pride.
  • Girls’ trousers must be in accordance with our policy and skirts an appropriate length.
  • Haircuts must NOT be extreme and on the natural spectrum (this is at the Principals discretion).
  • One nose stud is permitted, it needs to be a stud only and small, this is again at the principal’s discretion, and there should be only one stud per ear.
  • No hooded sweatshirts, or any other ‘informal’ tops are allowed to be worn.
  • No caps or pouches are allowed on site and will be confiscated.

Incorrect uniform will be challenged on arrival at the academy by senior staff at the gate.

Excellent Learning Habits

We expect all students to be on time every day and for all lessons. We expect students to be fully prepared for and focused on learning every day. This means:

  • Items such as energy drinks and fizzy drinks are considered ‘banned items’ and will be confiscated because we are a healthy school.
  • Single use plastics are also not appropriate, and we discourage these being in the academy, we may take these off students.
  • Students should arrive at school 5 mins before the agreed start time. If students are late to school or unreasonably late to a lesson, they will serve a same-day, after school detention.
  • A suitable bag (big enough for a PE kit and workbook), pen, pencil, ruler and Ethos card are expected. A rubber and colours as well as a scientific calculator are useful. Equipment and Ethos cards will be checked every day in form time.
  • We are a ‘no touching school’, what starts as fun horse play can too easily change into somebody getting inadvertently hurt. Boisterous behaviour will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned with a same-day after school detention. We want to ensure our students are safe and there is a calm, purposeful atmosphere so our students are ready for learning.
  • Mobile phones should be ‘not seen or heard’ on site. This is the same for headphones. Students may not use their phones until they have left the academy premises.
  • ‘First time, every time’ is our expectation for all students. We thank you for your ongoing support to ensure continued excellent behaviour for learning.

These clear expectations for all are important, they ensure the focus of all is on learning and progress and we ensure a calm orderly learning environment for all to do their best.

We have a range of parental information evenings this term that will help you in being able to support your child, your Head of Year will be in contact with the dates of these and information will also be on the app.

We look forward to welcoming students back on Tuesday 9th January at our normal start time of 8:40am and making 2024 a fantastic year of success.

Yours sincerely

Mr S Mallett


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