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Year 11 Enrichment Day – 16/10/2023

04 October 2023

Dear Parent/Carer,

RE: Year 11 Enrichment day, revision skills
Monday October 16th 2023

As part of the Enrichment provision at Erdington Academy, your child will be participating in revision skills day on October 16th 2023.

The aim of enrichment days is to enrich lives and transform futures by providing opportunities to try new and varied activities that may not strictly fit into the curriculum, but that develop character, resilience and motivation, because we place a great emphasis on personal development.

Year 11 have often told us that they do not know how to revise, so this is an opportunity for year 11 students to learn new skills that will help them to prepare for their examinations in November.

They will also be shown “GCSE Pod”, an exciting portal that we have subscribed each student to. It will provide revision materials, and will help them to prepare better for their exams, and get feedback about their progress.

HSBC are also visiting to educate the students about personal finance. Feedback from student voice activities has told us that the students are interested in: household budgeting, personal loans, credit and debit cards, how to open a bank, and what their first pay packet will look like.

Students should wear full school uniform as normal.

Yours sincerely

Mr G Bartlett
Senior teacher

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