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Adult learning opportunities

At Erdington Academy we have the opportunity to offer some adult/child workshops in school based on a range of different themes. Birmingham Adult Education Service deliver a number of free courses to support adult learning, as well as learning alongside your child.

At this stage, I would like to know if any parents/carers would be interested in attending workshops at Erdington Academy based on the options below. The courses will run over 6 weeks, and last 2 hours (1 hour adult learning, 1 hour joined with your child). We also have the opportunity of running one off workshops.

The options are as follows:


This free course provides an opportunity for adults and children to work together to understand the importance of managing anxieties and developing simple strategies to support emotional and mental wellbeing. We aim to equip parents with the right tools to ‘bounce back’ in the face of change and uncertainty.


This free course for women is designed to focus on raising awareness of domestic abuse. It aims to address coping strategies to safeguard children and women. It is open to young adults and women who are or may have experienced domestic abuse. It is also open to women who are thinking of starting a new relationship.


This course aims to provide a simple hands on introduction to enhance parents/carers digital skills. It will further raise awareness of digital safety and supports parents/carers to feel more confident about helping their children to use technology safely. 


This course aims to equip parents with basic English skills which are needed to survive the everyday British life.


This course raises awareness of healthy eating and developing healthy lifestyles. Parents are provided with factual information and strategies to enable them to make informed choices around healthy eating.  We want to inspire families to make positive changes in their lifestyle. 


If you are interested in attending any of these courses, then please e-mail or ring the school and leave an expression of interest. Please indicate which course or courses you would like more information on.

Yours sincerely,

Miss. J. Thom

Associate Assistant Head

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